Paid Ads

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Experience the power of strategic online advertising with Hestia Agency's tailored Paid Ads solutions. Our expert team combines Search, Programmatic, Native & Emerging Advertising Platforms to maximize your brand's visibility, reach your target audience, and drive profitable results

Google Ads Campaigns

Search Campaigns: Appear at the top of search results and gain visibility for your target keywords.

Shopping Campaigns: Showcase your products and drive conversions with highly-targeted product ads on the Google Shopping Network.

Video Campaigns: Leverage the power of video content to reach your audience on YouTube and other platforms.

Social Media Ads

Facebook & Instagram: Reach your audience with targeted ads and promote your brand on the world’s largest social media platforms.

LinkedIn: Build your professional network and target decision-makers in your industry.

TikTok: Leverage the power of short-form video content to engage with a younger audience.

Programmatic Ads

Display Ads: Showcase your brand across the web with engaging display ads.

Video Ads: Tell your brand’s story with compelling video content.

Native & Emerging Ads

Waze Ads: Connect with potential customers on their daily commute and increase your local brand awareness.

Spotify Ads: Reach millions of active users and grow your brand with audio and visual ads.

Yahoo: Expand your reach and attract new visitors to your website through Yahoo’s search engine, email and partner sites.

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